Baseball History -- December 18

Complete entry for December 18 is at BaseballLibrary.com HERE.

Highlighted entries are:

National League announces the six finalist cities for the two expansion clubs that will join the league in 1993: Buffalo, Denver, Miami, Orlando, Tampa-St. Petersburg, and Washington, DC.

Let's see. Denver and Miami got those teams. Tampa-St. Petersburg and Washington, DC have teams now. Orlando may have a team (the Devil Rays) soon. Buffalo? Really?

The Giants trade strikeout-prone slugger Rob Deer to the Brewers for minor leaguers Eric Pilkington and Dean Freeland.

And Brewer fans thank the Giants for that and for 1986-1990.
The Yankees announce the signing of Dick Williams as manager, precipitating a legal showdown with Charlie Finley. Two days later, American League president Joe Cronin rules that the Yankees cannot sign Williams.

The Yankees vs. Charley Finley. How do you pick a favorite in that fight?

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